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Roger Niello is a part owner of The Niello Company auto dealer group with his brothers David and Rick, who is company CEO. Roger is a CPA, a former member of the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, a former California State Assemblyman and a former President & CEO of the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

We all know that familiar phrase: If we don’t learn the lessons of history we’re doomed to repeat them. Well, today’s lesson is trade. The issue is the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement. The history to learn from is the Smoot-Hartley tariff bill that was enacted in 1930. There were many mistakes made as the 1920s came to a close More


Just like nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee (remember that commercial?), everybody is against duplicative and overly burdensome regulations. And everybody is a small business advocate. Liberals and conservatives alike, all policy makers profess the same allegiance. But talk specifics and the ranks start to separate. Everyone laments the so-called drive-by lawsuits filed in the name of the Americans with Disability More


I’m happy to announce that I’ll be returning to the State Legislature next month. As part of our Chamber’s State Legislative Summit March 1, that is. While in elected office I often spoke of the need for business people to lobby their government. I call it The Business Imperative. For self interest, for sure, it is important for business to More

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