Roger Niello




If @realdonaldtrump attack on Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel is not racist we should still be troubled. Maybe more so. I’ve heard the logic from those who would defend The Donald. Judge Curiel is, indeed, of Mexican descent and, given Trump’s comments about Mexicans who have migrated north in recent years and his unapologetic commitment to build “The Wall” I suppose More


I was serving in the California State Assembly ten years ago when we debated whether to pass AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act. Other than the debate regarding the importance of reducing greenhouse gases and the economic impact of the proposed regulations, there were two provisions of the measure that caused me and many of my colleagues concern should More


We all know that familiar phrase: If we don’t learn the lessons of history we’re doomed to repeat them. Well, today’s lesson is trade. The issue is the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement. The history to learn from is the Smoot-Hartley tariff bill that was enacted in 1930. There were many mistakes made as the 1920s came to a close More

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