Roger Niello





I’m happy to announce that I’ll be returning to the State Legislature next month. As part of our Chamber’s State Legislative Summit March 1, that is. While in elected office I often spoke of the need for business people to lobby their government. I call it The Business Imperative. For self interest, for sure, it is important for business to More


Do you remember Bobby Vee’s 1950s song Rubber Ball? Do you remember 1995? And what do those two have to do with each other? Well, 1995 was the year that I was President (as the volunteer head was called then) of the Metro Chamber and, like Bobby Vee’s rubber ball, I’ve come bouncing back! The Metro Chamber Leadership has honored More


In the national debate over the debt and budget deficits, reforming our tax system is an important, if not the key, part of the solution. Well, as there seem to be similarities between California and Beltway budget battles, there is definitely a similarity in the importance of tax reform. It may even more important in our quest to regain the More

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